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Автор Тема: Ubuntu 17.04 Drops Swaps Swap Partitions for Swap Files  (Прочитано 4253 раз)

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Ubuntu 17.04 Drops Swaps Swap Partitions for Swap Files
« : 16 Декабрь 2016, 18:49:08 »
If you don’t like, use or see the need for Swap partitions then Ubuntu 17.04 will ship with one that’s of interest.

Today, carving a partition and reserving twice the RAM size for swap makes little sense. For a common, general, machine most of the time this swap will not be used at all. Or if said swap space is in use but is of inappropriate size, changing it in-place in retrospect is painful.

“Starting from 17.04 Zesty Zapus release, instead of creating swap partitions, swapfiles will be used by default for non-lvm based installations,” Canonical’s Dimitri John Ledkov writes on his b;og.

Sizing of swapfiles is also different, using no more than 5% of free disk space.
For preseeding, there are two toggles that control this behaviour
On LVM based installations, swap logical volumes are used, since unfortunately LVM snapshots do not exclude swapfile changes. However, I would like to move partman-auto to respect the above proposed 5%-or-2GB limits.

Happy to see this land at last, thanks for working on this! I haven’t had a swap partition in many years, they are a complete and utter waste at least for my desktop, server, and VM usage.


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