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Автор Тема: Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland  (Прочитано 1495 раз)

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Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland
« : 19 Апрель 2017, 16:30:24 »
Ubuntu is to ship Wayland in place of X.Org Server by default.

Word of the display server¹ switch won’t surprise many.

Mir, Canonical’s home-spun alternative to Wayland, had been billed as the future of Ubuntu’s convergence play.

But both Unity 8 the convergence dream was recently put out to pasture, meaning this decision was widely expected.

It’s highly likely that the traditional X.Org Server will, as on Fedora, be included on the disc and accessible from whichever login screen Ubuntu devs opt to use in ubuntu 17.10 onwards.

This session will be useful for users whose system experience issues running on Wayland, or who need features and driver support that is only present in the legacy X.Org server session.

Ubuntu desktop team manager Will Cooke made reference to the decision in a meeting to discuss plans for the post-Unity Ubuntu desktop. I wasn’t sure if the quip was serious, so reached out to Will to ask him to confirm:

sudo ls -a | grep brain > /dev/head


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